Katie Price Hits Back At Critics After Disastrous Live Performance

The former model endured a difficult set on daytime show Loose Women.

Katie Price blocking out the haters.
Kate Price Blocking out the haters Image ITV

Katie Price has hit back at her critics following the disastrous live debut of her latest single on daytime show Loose Women.

Price’s performance of “I Got U” was roundly mocked on Twitter after the former model and TV personality struggled with the demands of singing the song live on air.

Though nerves undoubtedly played a part, Price’s shaky vocals, coupled with the pained expressions of her Loose Women co-hosts in the background combined to create a moment of unexpected TV gold that Twitter users were quick to latch on to.

Price, to her credit, ploughed on and later took to social media to dismiss the naysayers.

“I enjoyed myself living my dream I can’t win if I sing live or mime but I don’t care,” Price tweeted.

The Loose Women presenter was also supported by former X Factor star Craig Colton, who defended the performance, noting that Price appeared to be having issues with her ear piece.

“Singing when you have inner ear difficulties is very hard for even for most professional. Singing live and carrying on is a professional,” he wrote on Twitter.

It’s possibly worth mentioning that Colton did write the song performed by Price though his comments do appear to carry weight, with Katie spotted touching her ear on several occasions throughout the set.



Not that anyone on Twitter appears to care all that much, with a flurry of gifs, memes and straight-up comments all poking fun at the performance.

I Got U is out on 30 June. Go buy it. loaded dares you.

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