Kate Winslet: ‘I broke my toe playing a ruthless Russian mafia moll’

The actress suffered a painful injury while playing her most terrifying character to date.

Kate Winslet
Out of her comfort zone Kate plays a ruthless crime boss in Triple 9

Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet has revealed that she broke her big toe while filming her latest role in heist thriller Triple 9.

Winslet, who stars alongside Casey Affleck, Aaron Paul, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Woody Harrelson in the film, sustained the painful injury while portraying Russian-Israeli mafia moll Irina Vlasov.

Speaking to Loaded at today’s Triple 9 press day in London, Winslet revealed: “There was a moment when Chiwetel and myself were filming quite late in the evening.

“During the scene, there was an extra who stood up. His chair fell backwards and the highest point on the back of the chair landed on my big toe. It actually broke my toe.

“It’s still broken now.”

Winslet’s character sports a pair of memorable red boots during the film, and the 40-year-old’s main concern was that she wasn’t going to be able to fit into them for filming after breaking her toe.

Kate Winslet
Moll Winslet says the role in Triple 9 terrified her.

“My scenes with the boots were the next day, so fitting into them was really what I was worried about…but I did in the end.”

The film follows the story of a group of criminals and corrupt cops who find themselves being blackmailed by the Russian mafia.

Winslet took on the role following the birth of her third child, two-year-old son Bear. She admitted that playing a ruthless villain in the John Hilcoat-directed film was a different type of role that she found equally terrifying and thrilling.

“The film was made when I had just had a baby. He was almost six months old at the time,” Winslet revealed. “I just wanted to go back to work and feel terrified, feel out of my comfort zone and just to work with a great group of people. This film certainly did all of the above.”

Winslet, up for an Oscar for her role in Steve Jobs, was joined by Aaron Paul, Anthony Mackie and Chiwetel Ejiofor in London at the press conference.

Triple 9 is in UK cinemas on February 19.

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