Kate Upton Positively Sizzles In 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

The 24-year-old is the undoubted Queen of Sports Illustrated after this display.

Kate Upton Image Sports Illustrated

Kate Upton is probably best known for her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover shoots but, even by her own impressive standards, the 24-year-old’s latest effort will take some beating. 

The Michigan-born model and actress has made a habit of appearing on the cover of the magazine, often scantily clad, down the years.

However, her latest effort as the face of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition for 2017 will take some beating thanks to one magic word: topless. 

Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated.
Kate Upton Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated. Image Sports Illustrated

That’s right, the Upton has only gone and ditched her swimsuit for this particular shoot.

Not that fans should worry too much, with Upton doing her upmost to cover her assets with one strategically placed hand. 

Still, that hasn’t stopped everyone from going completely bananas over the resulting images.

Shot primarily in Fiji, which is a place as close to paradise on Earth as you are likely to find, Upton slipped into a rather dazzling gold number for the shoot. 

Kate Upton for Sports Illustrated.
Kate Upton For Sports Illustrated Image Yu Tsai for Sports Illustrated

Is it her hottest performance yet? Perhaps, but then again with so many to choose from over the years it is difficult to know for certain.

The other notable point to mention about this particular shoot is that Upton has gone and posed for three separate covers.

Kate Upton Three covers with three distinctive looks Image Sports Illustrated

Collectible, I hear you say? Perhaps, but then again society tends to have a very different name for guys who “collect” magazines with scantily clad women on the cover and it certainly isn’t collectors.

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