Kate Moss murdered and Jon Hamms it up in Absolutely Fabulous trailer

The Supermodel and Mad Men star feature in the latest clips from the upcoming movie.

Absolutely Fabulous Jon Hamm
Hamm sandwich The Mad Men star sends himself up in the new clip Image BBC Films

Kate Moss is dead and Jennifer Saunder’s Eddy Monsoon is the prime suspect in the latest trailer for the upcoming big screen version of Absolutely Fabulous.

When the supermodel takes a takes a tumble over a balcony into the Thames, she is missing, suspected dead, with Eddy and partner-in-crime Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) in the frame for the crime and on the run from the authorities.

However, Moss is not the only big name to feature in this latest trailer for the new movie, which is due for release in the UK on July 1, with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm also present and correct.

Though details remain scarce, it would appear that Hamm, who plays himself, once enjoyed a tryst with Patsy and appears amazed that she is still alive to tell the tale.

Written by Saunders with Mandie Fletcher directing, the film is fast shaping up to be the UK’s answer to Zoolander, with a whole host of cameos from people in the fashion world only too happy to appear.

From Stella McCartney throwing lovingly crafted bricks through Eddy’s window, to appearances from Lily Cole, Cara Delevingne and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kim Kardashian , Harry Styles and Rebel Wilson, there’s no shortage of A-list stars.

Ab Fab favourite Lulu returns along with Emma Bunton, while there is even room for Jerry Hall and, perhaps most bizarrely of all, Rylan Clark.

Taking in sunny Monaco and plenty of other far-flung locations, the film looks fresh, sharp and most importantly: funny.

All of which must be a massive relief considering BBC Films last sitcom-turned-film effort was Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie.

No amount of frantic face scrubbing or long hot tear-filled showers spent repeatedly shouting the word “Why?”  can remove the memories of that film from our collective consciousness and, worse still, a sequel has already been greenlit.

Saunders, we need you now, more than ever to renew our faith in big screen versions of popular sitcoms before Keith Lemon comes up with another idea for a film.

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