Kate Beckinsale turns blonde bombshell for horror The Disappointments Room

The Underworld star gets a new look.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale The star of Pearl Harbour, Total Recall and Underworld. Image Picture Tommaso Boddi/Getty

Kate Beckinsale and horror movies go hand in hand.

The British actress is the lead in long-running werewolf franchise Underworld, appeared with Hugh Jackman in monster mash-up Van Helsing and starred in nifty little shocker Vacancy.

Now she’s heading back to the genre with The Disappointments Room, based on the chilling true story of a family who unlock unimaginable horrors via the attic of their rural dream home.

Beckinsale has even ditched her trademark brunette locks, going blonde to take on the role of Dana in the DJ Caruso-directed film.

Little has been seen of the movie so far, apart from a just-released trailer to tease its US cinema release on September 9.

The lack of hype could be seen as something of a warning sign, especially if the trailer’s shaky lines of dialogue like “this room’s not on the floorplans” are scattered throughout the rest of the film.

Still, the script comes from the talented Wentworth Miller, the Prison Break star who also wrote Stoker, and Beckinsale following in the footsteps of Scream queens like Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis is certainly going to be worth a watch.

Watch Kate Beckinsale in The Disappointments Room trailer below:

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