Sex expert road tests world’s first male sex doll

Pleasure comes at a cost of $8,000...

Karley Sciortino male sex doll
Sexpert Karley Sciortino road tests world's first male sex doll. Image YouTube/Vice

Sex columnist Karley Sciortino has gone where no woman has gone before – she’s road-tested the world’s first ever male sex doll.

A writer for Vice and Vogue, Sciortino trialled the groundbreaking model from manufacturers Sinthetics. For years men have been able to indulge their desires with sex dolls, now it’s finally time for women to join in the fun.

The verdict? Sciortino approves… with a few reservations.

“It’s just weird because it’s so lifelike that it enters this space that feels uncomfortable. It feels like a person that can’t respond to you,” she said.

Sinthetics co-owner said of the new toys: “Women really do want male dolls… we now have the same amount of orders for male dolls as female dolls.”

It’s not just Sciortino who’s a fan, either. According to The Hook, adult star Jessica Ryan is using the dolls in her work and also to help finding a way around her long distance relationship woes.

“Seriously, as a female, this is so much easier than doing a Tinder date,” she said.

This kind of pleasure comes at a price, though. The basic model male sex doll comes in at $5,900, while prices can go as high as $8,000 with add-ons like customisable heads.

Watch Karley Sciortino’s male sex doll experiment below:

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