Karl Urban reveals classic 2000 AD villains he wants to see in Dredd 2

The comic book sequel might happen after all.

Karl Urban in Dredd
Cult hit Karl Urban in 2012's Dredd. Image Picture Entertainment Film

Judge Dredd hasn’t had much luck on the silver screen.

Sylvester Stallone’s 1995 effort was a box office bomb and obliterated by critics, while the Karl Urban-led 2012 reboot Dredd won over the fanbase but flopped in cinemas.

The latter film has gained grown in stature over the past few years and has been a hit on Blu-ray, DVD and streaming. Online demand for a follow-up is pretty intense, and Urban told Loaded there’s a glimmer of hope for fans wanted to see Dredd 2.

“There’s a whole plethora of great 2000 AD stories, the Dark Judges is phenomenal.”

“It’s pretty amazing to me that a film that was released a couple of years ago has become this cult classic that people would love to see more of,” he said.

“There’s certainly enough interested parties working away to one degree or another. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point there’s more Dredd.”

Asked if there are any story avenues he’d like to explore in sequels, Urban brought up undead parallel dimension law-keepers the Dark Judges.

“There’s a whole plethora of great 2000 AD stories, the Dark Judges is phenomenal,” he said.

“One of my personal favourites is the origin story. The more that John Wagner wrote, the more depth those stories got.”

Watch Urban talk Dredd 2 in full with Loaded below…

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