Karl Pilkington was almost killed by his own erection

Never change, Karl. Never change.

Karl Pilkington An Idiot Abroad
Head like an orange Karl Pilkington filming An Idiot Abroad for Sky. Image Picture Sky 1

Karl Pilkington shot to fame thanks to The Ricky Gervais Show and his idiosyncratic approach to the travel show with An Idiot Abroad.

But the TV star could’ve missed out on stardom completely if a new story from the man himself is anything to go by. Back in his younger days, Pilkington almost died thanks to his own erection.

It’s all down to a Spanish holiday, his girlfriend Suzanne and a towering inferno.

Pilkington is quoted by the Daily Star as saying: “I do not like being nude. We did not have a much money and we stayed at this apartment in Tenerife that wasn’t very nice.”

The holiday turned romantic, but Karl and his other half were interrupted when a loud banging on their apartment door.

“It was when I was younger, I had a bit more energy. We started having it away a bit,” Pilkington explained. “Suzanne told me I better get it. I said, ‘I can’t get it now, I’ll have to wait a bit.'”

Not wanting to get knocked off his stride, Pilkington said he carried on with the job at hand and ignored the banging (on the door) for as long as he could.

“The banging is getting louder. I open the door, it’s a fireman. I just stick my head round and he’s going, ‘You’ll have to get out. The building is on fire,'” Pilkington explained.

“So I’m like, ‘In a minute.’ I had to wait a minute. I couldn’t get my pants on.”

Never change, Karl. Never change.

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