Revisit Karl Pilkington’s pitch for the greatest movie never made

Starring Clive Warren and Rebecca De Mornay...

Karl Pilkington's A Love of Two Brains film pitch with Clive Warren (aka Clive Owen) and Rebecca De Mornay
A Love of Two Brains Karl Pilkington's film pitch is pure insanity. Image ITV/Film4/Buena Vista Pitures

Karl Pilkington has said some spectacularly funny things across radio shows, podcasts and travel documentaries, but nothing tops his pitch for the bonkers movie A Love of Two Brains.

Starring Clive Owen (who Pilkington calls Clive Warren) and resurrecting the career of 80s icon Rebecca De Mornay, the film centres on a man who’s killed and has half his brain transplanted into another body.

It’s all done by a doctor played by Morgan Freeman, but things takes a bizarre lesbian twist as Pilkington’s mind goes into overdrive. Trust us when we say it’s really quite something.

Watch the Karl Pilkington movie pitch in full below:

“When you just talk, I find your mouth comes out with stuff,” Pilkington said of his off-the-cuff pitch to film bigwigs.

Pilkington’s film idea actually sounds a lot like a forgotten 90s flick, ironically titled Unforgettable. Ray Liotta and Linda Fiorentino were the stars, with the plot’s driving force being a doctor injecting his mind with other people’s memories to find his wife’s killer.

There’s also vague similarities to the recent Ryan Reynolds brain switch double-header of Self/less and Criminal.

Pilkington’s insane film idea may never become a reality, but YouTuber Robert Johnson put together a spoof trailer a few years back and it’s genius.

Watch the trailer for A Love of Two Brains below:

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