Karen Gillan poses with two lookalike Jumanji stunt doubles

Brings to mind a certain Tomb Raider...

Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan stars in the new Jumanji film Criticism was aimed at the hot pants. Image Dwayne Johnson Instagram/BBC

The Jumanji remake/sequel is now well into production. We’ve had a few publicity photos of the main cast already but now Karen Gillan, one of the film’s stars, has uploaded a photo to her Instagram account of herself with her two stunt doubles.

The caption that accompanies the photo reads: “Three Martha’s ready to kick some ass in the jungle.”

Karen Gillan on the set of Jumanji 2.
Spot the odd one out Karen Gillan and her stunt doubles. Image Karen Gillan Instagram

This reboot (or sequel, nobody’s really sure at this point) on the popular 1995 film that starred Robin Williams is showing signs of having a very different tone and feel to that of the original.

So far not much has been revealed about the plot but it has been speculated that Gillan’s character is a Tomb Raider-inspired avatar appearing out of a ‘Jumanji’ video game.

The attire worn by Gillan had provoked some negativity on social media, with some labelling it as ‘sexist’.

Gillan took to social media herself to respond to these claims:


Jumanji is being directed by Jake Kasdan and also stars Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Nick Jonas. The film is due to hit UK cinemas on 28 July 2017.

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