Daniel LaRusso Reunites With Johnny Lawrence In Karate Kid Spin-Off Trailer

The original Karate Kid stars are reuniting for a brand-new show arriving later this year.

Daniel LaRusso and Mr Miyagi Ralph Macchio and Pat Moriya Image Columbia Pictures

Karate Kid fans have been given a first glimpse of Ralph Macchio back as Daniel LaRusso in the upcoming spin-off series Cobra Kai.

The trailer sees LaRusso back in the dojo and facing off against old foe Johnny Lawrence, played by original star William Zabka.

Johnny and Daniel famously went head-to-head in the original Karate Kid movie’s big finale, with LaRusso winning through thanks to a lovely bit of crane technique, which allowed him to unleash a stunning kick to Johnny’s big stupid head.

Now, 30 years on, the pair are preparing to do battle again as part of a spin-off sequel series coming to YouTube Red.

Cobra Kai picks up with both characters 30 years on from the original movie. Much has changed since then with LaRusso living the good life as a car forty-something car salesman running a dealership out in Encino.

Time hasn’t been so kind to Johnny though, with Lawrence stuck in something of a rut when we catch up with him. He’s got a plan though: he wants to relaunch Cobra Kai.

The despicable dojo where Martin Kove’s John Kreese in the original movie, Johnny is hopeful that the focus and structure of running Cobra Kai will provide an outlet for local kids and could even help him rediscover his own lust for life.

Lawrence can’t do it on his own though and turns to LaRusso for help. The pair aren’t exactly friends either, with a tense stand-off between these one-time rivals ensuing.

Will the guys be able to put their differences aside and help relaunch Cobra Kai for the 2018 generation? You’ll have to watch the series on YouTube red later this year.

This Karate Kid spin-off is only the latest in a string of reboots and remakes in the works. David Hasselhoff previously revealed plans to resurrect Knight Rider while a new series of Quantum Leap is also being discussed.

Karate Kid and Cobra Kai is only the beginning.

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