Kaley Cuoco just hinted that Big Bang Theory is about to end

Could season ten be the last we see of the gorgeous Penny?

Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco on Jimmy KimmelImage ABC

Wait, could Big Bang Theory be about to end after ten seasons? Star of the show Kaley Cuoco just dropped a hope hint about the show’s future.

The stunning blonde star seemed to suggest that ‘enough’ episodes of the hit comedy had been made – have we seen the last of Penny and the gang?

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, Kaley explained that an eleventh season was “a very expensive question… for a lot of people”.

“Yeah, 10 is a lot of seasons. Don’t you feel like that’s enough?” Kimmel asked.

“Yes. That’s a lot of hair, that’s a lot of denim sizes,” she replied.

Kaley added: “Ten years, come on! All of my 20s. I went from like, hot, to like, 30. I was 21 when I started this show.”

“I went from like, hot, to like, 30.”

The Big Bang Theory returns for season ten on September 19 on CBS – fans might want to catch it while they still can.

If the show falls through, Kaley always has her miming skills to fall back on – check out her sexy performance on Lip Sync Battle below:

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