Juventus Prospect Guilty Of Hilariously Bad Panenka In Penalty Shootout

Moises Kean was once on the radars of both Arsenal and Manchester City.

A collection of upset Juventus fans.
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Remember the name Moises Kean. Once a target for the likes of Arsenal and Manchester City, the 17-year-old is regarded as one of the brightest prospects in the Italian game.

For now, though, he’s arguably among the contenders for the honour of worst Panenka penalty attempt of all-time, after fluffing his lines in a major way for the Juventus Under-19 team.

Facing off against Fiorentina’s Under-18 side in the Primavera youth league play-offs, the game headed to penalties after a 1-1 draw.

Up stepped Moises in the shootout with the pressure on.

In these types of situations, Panenka penalties are increasingly commonplace.

Named after Czech international Antonin Panenka, who was the first to try out this type of spot-kick in the 1976 final of the European Championship against West Germany, the technique is simple enough.

The kicker moves towards the ball, shaping the blast it into one of the two corners. But, at the last second and with the goalkeeper ideally already guessing left or right, they instead gently chip the ball down the centre, where the ‘keeper was originally placed.

Panenka penalties have been a bit of a mixed bag for the Italian national team. While Francesco Totti and Andrea Pirlo have both pulled the technique off with aplomb on the biggest stages for Italy, Graziano Pelle’s effort at Euro 2016 proved disastrous.

And, unfortunately for Moises, his own attempt fell into the latter category.


Essentially combining a Neymar-style spot-kick run up with a fluffed Panenka, Moises could only watch on as the Fiorentina goalkeeper stayed in the centre of his goal, evidently expecting an audacious chipped effort.

It proved costly too, with Juventus losing the match as a result of his daft kick.

Still, it’s not the costliest Panenka of all time – that honour goes to Brazilian midfielder Maicosuel, whose terrible chipped effort cost Udinese Champions League football, after going out to Braga in the qualifying round of the competition as a result of his terrible effort back in 2012.


It was estimated that Udinese missed out on a €20m windfall as a result of that fluffed kick.

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