Twitter Users Defend Justin Bieber After He Punches A Fan In The Face

Was he within his rights to hit out at the fan?

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Was he within his rights to hit out at the fan? Image Getty Images

Justin Bieber has been courting controversy again, after he was caught on camera appearing to punch a fan in the mouth.

The 22-year-old was being driven to Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona ahead of a show when a fan tried to reach into the open window to touch him.

The singer appeared to hit a fan from the back seat of the car, leaving him with a bloody mouth.

Watch the incident below:

The fan appears shocked after the incident, and inspects his bloody mouth with his friends in the clip.

Bieber has been given a hard time for his behaviour in the media over the last few years, but fans on social media were totally supportive of the singer after the incident took place.

Many stated that the punch was an act of self-defence, and was well within his rights to hit out at the fan.

Various users also claimed that the fan was overheard earlier that night saying “If I meet Justin Bieber I will punch him”.

See some of the supportive tweets from Justin Bieber fans below:


It was a sour end to an enjoyable day for the singer, who’d spent the morning training with Barcelona forward Neymar.

Don’t worry Biebs, loaded has your back…

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