This Website Will Ensure You Never Get Caught By A Jump Scare Again

Because no one likes to look silly or scared in front of a potential date.

The Conjuring 2 One big jump scare of a movie

Jump scares are increasingly commonplace into today’s films but one website is here to help those keen to avoid leaping out of their skin at any given moment.

As a concept, couldn’t be much simpler. It’s basically an online database chronicling every jump scare from basically every single major horror or thriller movie from down the years. 

James Wan, the man behind films like Insidious and The Conjuring features pretty highly, with two films in the top 5 when it comes to the overall “Jump Scare Rating” with Scott Derrickson the only other filmmaker to have two titles in the top 20 for scares.

The Conjuring 2
The Conjuring 2 The horror has been a big hit in cinemas. Image Picture Warner Bros

It’s not just films that are covered either, with the website also offering a similar reference source for all the latest TV shows. 

Now, to some, that concept might sound like a little joyless. After all, in as much the same way you might watch a comedy to get laugh, horror movie fans tend to watch these kinds of films so they get scared. 

But there are plenty of scenarios where you may not want to leap out of your skin during a film like on a date, for example, where such an act of cowardice could be the difference between date number two or being kicked to the curb.

And let’s not forget about the concerns attached in any Netflix and Chill scenario. Because there’s nothing less scary than a male partner emitting a high-pitched scream of panic, or leaping up like they may have messed themselves.

In that sense, WheresTheJump is actually providing a pretty essential service to any singletons out there looking for love alongside a few cinematic thrills.

You may want to bookmark it now.

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