Jorgie Porter classic interview: ‘People expect me to be a right bitch’

As Ms. Porter joins Are You Being Served, we take a look back at her 2011 photoshoot.

Jorgie Porter Loaded
Moving on Even back in 2011, Jorgie had her eyes on some movie roles. Image Loaded Archive

Jorgie Porter has just joined the cast of the Are You Being Served remake. And the Hollyoaks actress has long harboured ambitions of moving out of soap world, if her words to Loaded five years ago is anything to go by.

The 28-year-old is set to star as Miss Croft, reportedly a reimagining of Miss Selfridge from the original 70s BBC1 sitcom, alongside Benidorm actress Sherrie Hewson as the fearsome Mrs Slocombe.

Porter spoke to Loaded back in the day about getting attacked by young girls, being a geek and dreams of starring in Tomb Raider with Tom Hardy by her side.


Loaded: Hollyoaks is seen by many as the perfect hangover telly – why do you think that is?

Jorgie Porter: It’s probably because it’s the only time people aren’t working, and they’re hungover so they’re strapped to the bed basically. They have to watch it, and maybe cause there’s a bit of nakedness, bit of nudity, bit of kissing – so the guys who haven’t pulled the night before finally get to see some flesh.

L: Do people expect you to be just like Theresa off Hollyoaks when they see you out and about?

JP: Yeah, definitely. This one time some girl punched me in the arm – I think she thought I was dead hard, like a little toughie with an attitude, but i was like: ‘Ahh, oh my god! Why would you do that?’ And young girls think I’m the same age as them and start getting cocky with me. 

Jorgie Porter Loaded
On fire Jorgie was on hand to put out the flames following her shoot, Image Loaded archive

L: So people expect you to act like a bit of a bitch in real life?

JP: Yeah, I think so, and they get surprised because I’m a total geek. I couldn’t be mean. I couldn’t handle it or carry it off. I’d say something and then be like ‘I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.’

Jorgie Porter Loaded
Upfront Porter is set to leave Hollyoaks. Image Loaded archive

L: If you were to leave the show, what role would you be up for having a crack at?

JP: Imagine, like, Tomb Raider. Action, stunt type things or even soppy romances. I’d love to do it all, so I don’t get typecast. I want to do it all so I don’t get typecast.

L: You see yourself as a bit of a Lara Croft then?

JP: Oh yeah! Or like a mental case patient in an insane asylum. How cool would that be?

L: Who’d be your ideal leading man to star alongside you while you’re playing this crazed nutter?

Probably Tom Hardy, he’d be my dream guy. I’d love to play against him.

Cover girl
Cover girl Jorgie in 2011. Image Loaded archive
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