Jordana Brewster Talks A Return To Fast and The Furious Franchise

The actress who brought Mia Toretto to life spoke exclusively to loaded.

jordana brewster
We're definitely going to see Mia Toretto again... Image Getty Images

Jordana Brewster who famously played Mia, Dominic Toretto’s sister in the Fast and Furious franchise, said she would love to return for the next instalment.

The actress didn’t appear in the latest film, which she claimed was due to the loss of Paul Walker, who played her husband, Brian O’Conner.

Mia Toretto has always featured heavily in the series, she’s pivotal character, and her absence in the current film starring Charlize Theron was felt.

When speaking to Fox News in April, she said: “It doesn’t mean that the door is closed forever.

“You never know what could happen in terms of me coming back… but it’s definitely bittersweet.”

fast and the furious
Mia and Brian in Fast and the Furious

She went on to say: “He was such a huge part of my life, so it didn’t feel the same to not have him with us again. But the fans are the best in the world. So I haven’t said goodbye. Not yet.”

However loaded caught up with the actress while promoting her hit tv series Lethal Weapon and she had this exciting thing to say about Mia’s return.

“Vin has been very sweet and he has talked about Mia potentially returning, so I hope that’s true because they are my family and I would love to go back.”

With that news we could possibly expect to see Mia back in Fast and the Furious 9 which is set to be filmed in Australia and released in 2019. 

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