From Jolie to Vikander: The six best Lara Croft portrayals

Vikander and these scantily clad explorers can raid our tomb any day of the week.

Alicia Vikander poses for a picture.
Tomb Vikander The new face of Lara Croft Image Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s official: Lara Croft is alive and heading back to the big screen as part of a new movie reboot that sees Alicia Vikander step into the role of the world’s most famous Tomb Raider.

Vikander, fresh from her Oscar-winning performance in The Danish Girl, is teaming up with director Roar Uthaug in a film focusing on Croft’s early years and very first adventure in a tomb.

It’s 13 years since Angelina Jolie donned that iconic shorts and skimpy t-shirt combo for a bit of arse-exposing archaeology in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, a film with a name boasting more colons than your average irrigation cleansing clinic.

And to mark Vikander’s casting and the promise of more suspiciously visible tomb raider nipples, Loaded counts down six of the very best Lara Crofts ever.


Alison Carroll

Alison Carroll.

Carroll put her experience as a model and gymnast to great use as the world’s sexiest grave robber and was the face of Croft from 2008-10, featuring in the game Tomb Raider: Underworld.

She was last seen in 2015 film Gridiron UK. Well, assuming anyone actually saw that.


Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry inspired Lara Croft's look

Though not technically Croft herself, Cherry nevertheless played a pivotal role in the creation of the character. According to Tomb Raider lead artist Toby Gard, the Buffalo Stance singer was the inspiration for Croft’s look.

Either way, it gives us an excuse to play Buffalo Stance.


Nell McAndrew

Nell McAndrew is Lara Croft

In years to come, when little boys look up at their adoring fathers and ask: “Daddy, what’s a Nell McAndrew?” Loaded hopes said parent replies with the following: “Well son, she was a glamour model that played Lara Croft for about a year before being fired for posing for Playboy. Oh, and she married Dale Winton off Supermarket Sweep in a fake wedding.”


Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes is the voice of Lara CroftAnother inclusion that definitely bends the rules, Hawes did the voice of Croft for four different games, with her sultry tones making Croft something akin to a Tomb Raider sex line worker.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie as Lara CroftJolie’s pouty Lara Croft lips ensured she was always likely to be in the frame for the Tomb Raider job. What a shame that the films, particularly the first one complete with crap U2 soundtrack and an out-of-place Chris Barrie, were such tosh.

However, you can’t deny Jolie as Croft wouldn’t have been a welcome addition to any episode of Time Team.


Karima Adebibe

Karima AdebibeAdebibe is perhaps the truest of Crofts, due to the fact she shares her birthday with the Tomb Raider hero.

Aside from a minor role in Alien Vs Predator, Adebibe has been largely off the grid since retiring from the role of Croft in 2008. She still gets top billing from us.

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