Johnny Depp And Liam Gallagher’s Glastonbury After-Party Sounds Incredible

The pair were reunited 20 years on from working on Be Here Now together.

Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher The Oasis legend Image Getty Images

Johnny Depp and Liam Gallagher enjoyed an Oasis reunion of sorts at Glastonbury that included the mother of all festival after-parties.

Both were present and correct at the festival, with Gallagher taking to the stage for a solo performance while Depp joined Kris Kristofferson during his set, playing guitar.

Gallagher will be more than familiar with Depp’s guitar skills – the actor played slide guitar on the Be Here Now track “Fade In Out” way back in 1997.

20 years on from the album’s release and after a decade apart, the pair decided to indulge in the mother of all after parties.

According to The Mirror, Gallagher had an enormous teepee-sized tent erected to host the late night shin-dig.

The drinks definitely flowed freely too with the ex-Oasis frontman ordering 40 bottles of Vodka, 10 cases of beer and five magnums of champagne as the pair and their various friends celebrated long into the night.

The story of how Depp ended up on Be Here Now is well documented.

It all started when the pair hung out together on the Caribbean island of Mustique with mutual acquaintance Kate Moss. During a chat about music, Depp revealed to Gallagher he played slide guitar – something Liam couldn’t do.

When it came time to record Fade In Out, Depp was recruited for the slide guitar section though he never came to the studio to record his part – scheduling conflicts meant he recorded it on cassette and sent it to the band.

Whatever the case, it proved to be one of the brighter points in an album otherwise derided as the beginning of the end for Oasis.

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