John Wick Remade With Nerf Guns Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

Thought the movies couldn't get any better? Think again...

John Wick 2 trailer Keanu Reeves guns

The John Wick movies have provided some of the most adrenaline-fuelled action movie moments of recent years, but they’re a little blood-thirsty for everyone’s tastes.

Keanu Reeves racks up hundreds of kills across the two movies, and now someone has come up with an amazing fan film that’s a little bit more PG.

YouTube channel Corridor Digital has created an incredible spoof of the films, which swaps the brutal weapons of the originals for more gentle foam bullet-shooting Nerf guns.

There are just as many headshots, but this time around the foam bullets bounce away harmlessly. Watch it below:

It’s just as slick and well choreographed as the original movies, and the clip is sure to bring back memories for anyone who grew up playing with the popular toys. 

The video has already racked up nearly 2 million views after being posted yesterday.

It’s a really incredible clip, and just shows that fan-made movies can be just as professional as the films themselves at times.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that the John Wick universe could be about to expand, with a prequel TV series in the works.

One things for sure – whatever shape or form, more John Wick is always a good thing.

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