John Wick Chapter 2 May Actually Be A Secret Sequel To The Matrix

Have we been watching Neo in action this whole time?

John Wick 2 trailer Keanu Reeves guns

The Matrix could be getting a reboot/prequel or sequel in the very near future  – but the perfect follow up may have already happened with John Wick Chapter 2.

In fact, there’s a theory currently doing the rounds online which suggests the John Wick films are actually far more logical and worthy follow-ups to the original Matrix than the CGI abominations that were The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. 

Put together by Tom Guise over at Red Bulletin, it’s a pretty comprehensive theory that can be broken down into a couple of key points.

Here goes…


Chad Stahelski

David Leitch and Chad Stahelski
David Leitch and Chad Stahelski Left to right Image Warner Bros.

If there’s one guy capable of bringing us a worthy sequel to The Matrix, it’s John Wick director Stahelski, who actually served as Reeves’ stunt double in the Matrix trilogy and is arguably the only person, other that the Wachowskis, up to the task. 

Stahelski previously spoke to loaded on this very topic a couple of months back and offered up an interesting argument on the theory.


A Badass Neo

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix
Neo The Matrix Image Picture Warner Bros

It took Neo three Matrix movies to truly become ‘The One’ despite the end of the original movie suggesting he had reached that point.

Imagine if we cut out the two sequels that follow though and head straight to John Wick, where he’s a full-blown kung-fu master and killing machine living out his days in the Matrix.


The return of Morpheus

The original cast of the Matrix.
Image Warner Bros.

Imagine, for a minute, that somehow Neo’s memory was erased and he took on the identity of John Wick, with his martial arts skills intact.

Then John Wick: Chapter 2’s meeting with Laurence Fisburne’s all-knowing character, the Bowery King, the leader of an undercover group of assassins. Could he simply be Morpheus in disguise? It’s possible.


A virtual realty world

Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 2
Image Warner Bros Pictures

Anyone who has seen the firefighting chaos of the John Wick movies will know they have the feel of a video game shoot-em-up and with good reason – what if what we are seeing actually takes place in the Matrix?

Chapter 2’s coliseum fight, for example, feels like a level from a Hitman or Max Payne game.


A secret war

Keanu Reeves The Matrix
Keanu Reeves As Neo Image Picture Warner Bros

The John Wick movies make a habit of revealing how much of the world around us is not as it seems, with any number of secret hideaways and societies featuring in the films. It’s a lot like the Matrix’s myriad resistance groups and evil, assassin-like agents.

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