John Travolta: 7 Of The Most Hilariously Crazy Things He’s Ever Done

From Battlefield Earth to mispronouncing names at the Oscars...

John Travolta
John Travolt Image Getty Images

John Travolta is a crazy, crazy dude. When he’s not making some of the weirdest movies in Hollywood, he’s doing some really odd stuff off-screen.

From Battlefield Earth to mispronouncing names at the Oscars, these are the great man’s most hilariously crazy moments:


Fitness video with Jamie Lee Curtis

Undoubtedly one of Travolta’s most embarrassing roles, Perfect featured a really weird sequence in a gym. The fitness session raised a few eyebrows… mainly because his junk is pretty on full display throughout…  


When he made Battlefield Earth

Remember the horror show that was Battlefield Earth? A total sci-fi shambles from start to finish. Just look how bad it looks.


When he grew that weird Beard for that rubbish De Niro film

What the hell is that on his chin.


That time him and Nicholas Cage both looked like they worked in Butlins 

An interesting look

They must have been club reps in a past life.


When he went method for films no-one gave a shit about

Remember From Paris with Love? Don’t worry, not many people do. Travolta went fully method to play American spy Charlie Wax in the terrible 2010 movie, going fully bald in the process. He really shouldn’t have bothered.


When he got Idina Menzel’s name hopelessly wrong

“The wickedly talented… Adele Dazeem”.


And When he brought the world the best meme of all time

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