John Oliver rips Boris Johnson to shreds over Independence Day quote

Bill Pullman did it better.

Independence Day: Resurgence
London's burning London gets a beating in Independence Day: Resurgence. Image Picture 20th Century Fox

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has delivered a scathing rant about the UK’s vote to leave the European Union.

On last night’s edition of his HBO show, Oliver tackled the aftermath of the referendum just a week after an impassioned plea to vote Remain.

Oliver zeroed in on the false promise of returning $350 million of EU money to the NHS and the Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage quoting Bill Pullman’s Independence Day president in their respective victory speeches.

“Britain was already independent,” he said. “In fact, it’s what many other countries celebrate their independence from.

“The wholesale destruction of London [is] beginning to feel f**king appropriate right now.”

“And secondly, the sequel to the movie they’re quoting actually opens this week and features the wholesale destruction of London, which is beginning to feel f**king appropriate right now.”

With Donald Trump making a big for the White House in 2016, Oliver issued a warning to American viewers, telling them the Brexit vote is proof that political disaster could await.

“You might think that is not going to happen to us in America. Well, let Britain tell you – it can happen, and when it does, there are no f**king do-overs,” he said.

Oliver’s summed up the people of Britain’s plight in one brilliantly funny pay-off.

“They might be screwed because a pig f**ker called for a vote, a bus had some bullsh*t written on it, then two idiots named Nigel and Boris quoted President Bill Pullman,” he said.

Watch John Oliver’s take on the Brexit result below…

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