Revisit The Many Times John Goodman Completely Lost His Sh*t On Film

From The Flinstones to 10 Cloverfield Lane, John Goodman has been a whole lot of angry.

The Big Lebowski John GoodmanImage Picture Gramercy

John Goodman is clearly not a man to be f*cked with.

He’s big, strong and in possession of a voice to rival that of long-forgotten Looney Tunes favourite, Foghorn Leghorn.

So when John Goodman gets mad, the whole world knows about it, not least because, nine times out of ten, he’s doing it on the big screen.

In fact, movie website Ranker reckon he might just be the angriest man in Hollywood and have decided to demonstrate that with a supercut of his many moments of on-screen rage from down the years.

And when you watch back highlights from his glittering film career it’s difficult to disagree.

Whether it’s Speed Race, The Hangover Part III or even The Borrowers, whatever the film, Goodman tends to lose his nut in spectacular fashion.

All told, 31 of Goodman’s films featuring in the Ranker Supercut, entitled “John Goodman is REALLY angry.”

The only question is, how many can you name?

Of course, Goodman is not the only man in Hollywood to fly off the handle from time to time – a previous supercut featured Nicolas Cage losing his mind in a series of movies.

And to think the pair previously starred together on Raising Arizona.

There must have been a lot of people losing their collective sh*t on the set of that movie.

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