John Cena Confirmed For Controversial Duke Nukem Movie Adaptation

It's going to be big, brash and maybe just a little misogynistic.

Artwork from the original Duke Nukem 3D.

WWE superstar John Cena is officially on board for a big screen adaptation of 90s video game favourite Duke Nukem – but the movie may not be to everyone’s taste.

Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form confirmed Cena’s involvement during an interview with CinemaBlend. The film is still some way off happening though, with no script in place as yet.

Form revealed that the biggest challenge has been trying to make the Duke Nukem film “a really fun ride” despite the character’s famously brash and occasionally sexist outlook.

Strippers and scantily clad women, for example, were the norm in Duke Nukem games, alongside the occasional witty – and not very PC – aside. “You know that having a misogynistic guy in today’s world, how do you make that fun and loveable?” he said.

“And at the same time he’s got to be an incredible badass, so those are the things that we’re struggling with and we’re going to try and come out with what I hope is a really fun ride. That’s the goal, is for it to be a really fun ride.”

Form is hoping the film can follow the example of Deadpool, with a tongue-in-cheek tone that keeps old fans happy and doesn’t alienate new ones. “How do you nail that tone in the way that Deadpool nailed the tone?” Form said. “I think we have to do that and if we don’t get the tone right then we’re not going to make the movie.”

So, don’t be surprised to see a little bit of skin in any Duke Nukem movie, along with the occasional offhand, off colour, remark. Then again, Form was also keen to stress that if Cena doesn’t agree with the content of the script, it may not happen.

“If he reads the script and he doesn’t like the script I’m sure there’s ways that he could pull out, but right now he’s our guy,” Form said.

There’s no release date in place for Duke Nukem and no one else has been cast in any roles as yet, but there could be more of an appetite for a non-PC anti-snowflake hero in the next few years. Only time will tell.

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