Jodie Marsh harks back to her glamour model heyday with throwback pics

The 37-year-old television presenter, bodybuilder and glamour model turned back time.

Jodie Marsh poses for a special boxing photoshoot
Jodie Marsh From buns to guns. Image Getty

There was a time when you couldn’t go into newsagents without spotting Jodie Marsh on the front over of a magazine or tabloid newspaper.

A glamour model turned reality TV star, Marsh is probably best remembered for her risqué work in front of the camera, posing for a series of memorable photo shoots that featured in countless lads’ mags.

Nowadays though, Marsh is better known for her stellar work as a bodybuilder as well as her presenting work on documentaries tackling everything from bullying to living on benefits.

Single since separating from husband James Placido, whom she married in August 2015 after first meeting in a car park, the 37-year-old appeared decided to take her fans back to that heyday Instagram, with a series of throwback shots from a previous photoshoot.

Jodie Marsh on Instagram.
Jodie Marsh Back in the day. Image Jodie Marsh/Instagram

Featuring Marsh in a series of increasingly provocative poses, the uploads appear to have gone down well with her 424,000 followers, with many of the comments simply too explicit to quote.

Marsh, meanwhile, comes over all nostalgic, going as far as to describe one of the uploads as one of her “all time favourite pics” which is no faint praise when you consider the sheer number of shoots the glamour model turned media personality has faced.

From pin-up to push-ups, the next chapter in the remarkable story of Jodie Marsh may prove be the most surprising yet – what it will involve, however, is anybody’s guess.

Personally, loaded would love to see her follow in the footsteps of Danny Dyer with a documentary about UFOs.

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