Jodie Marsh’s Infamous Army Belts Dress Reaches Six-Figure Sum On Ebay

The glamour model turned gym bunny only wore the outfit on three occasions.

Jodie Marsh poses for a special boxing photoshoot
Jodie Marsh From buns to guns. Image Getty

Jodie Marsh could be about to make some serious cash after putting arguably her most iconic outfit on eBay – the infamous “army belts” attire that once adorned tabloid front pages across the country.

The former glamour model, who now splits her time between a hectic gym routine and work as a television presenter and documentarian, put her memorable outfit on the auction site over the weekend.

Jodie Marsh and her army belts.
Jodie Marsh Back in her army belt-wearing days. Image ebay/Jodie Marsh

“These are my famous army belts and skirt,” Marsh wrote in the item description.

“I wore this outfit three times and it served me well! It made the front pages of all the newspapers. You won’t believe how tiny the skirt it – it shows how small I am haha.”

Keen to attract “serious bidders only please” the 37-year-old won’t be hanging on to the cash she makes for too long, with plans afoot for Marsh to donate the funds to a variety of charities.

Jodie Marsh's iconic belts outfit.
The army belts Image ebay/Jodie Marsh

For the lads mag icon, meanwhile, the sale appears to be part of an ongoing process to shed her old image and move on from the heady days of Page 3, Celebrity Big Brother and Dane Bowers.

“I’ve hung onto these all this time and now I’m having a clear out and it’s the end of an era! Someone else can have some fun with them although I think they should be displayed in a glass case!!!”

Jodie Marsh ebay bid
The bidding Image Jodie Marsh/ebay

The listing has already proved popular, racking up 53 bids with the current price for these infamous army belts climbing to £115,100 at the time of writing – with a further £10 on top for postage, of course.

With six days left until the auction closes, the bidding wars may have only just begun.

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