How Well Do You Know Jingle All The Way? Take Our Quiz And Find Out

It's the Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas movie we all love to hate - but how well do you know it?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way.

Jingle All The Way probably isn’t anyone’s first choice when it comes to picking a Christmas film but it’s a festive flick you’ve likely seen countless times – whether you like it or not.

It invites us into a world where Arnold Schwarzenegger is an every day working man, who also happens to have the physique of a bodybuilder and is on a desperate search to get his son the toy he wants for Christmas.

Soon enough though Arnie’s character, the oddly-named Howard Langston, discovers that it is going to be a lot harder to keep that promise than he initially thought.

A series of wild and supposedly wacky adventures ensue, with Schwarzenegger’s Howard somehow ending up going head to head with fellow father and postman Myron Larabee (played by popular comedian of the time Sinbad) for one of these much coveted toys.

Sinbad and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way.

The film boasts a pretty decent cast too, with the likes of Rita Wilson and the late Phil Hartman on hand to put a little more meat on the narrative bones.

However it’s difficult to look past Jingle All The Way’s rampant commercialism, which even saw the studio behind the movie go to the trouble of manufacturing 200,000 versions of the superhero doll in the film, selling them at $25 a pop.

Schwarzenegger, meanwhile, struggles in yet another comedic role, with the image of Arnie’s shocked/confused expression burned into the minds of so many fans out there forever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way.

Despite all of this criticism and a little more besides, it’s a film you’ve probably watched at least five times in your life already and therefore a movie you probably know a fair bit about.

So now it’s time to put that Jingle All The Way Knowledge to the test with a quiz that will separate the boys from the Dementors.

How well do you really know this Arnold Schwarzenegger classic? Let’s find out.

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