Jing Tian: 7 Things That Make Her One To Watch In 2017

Get to know one of the world's rising stars.

Jing Tian
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The Great Wall is out today, and while much of the focus so far has centred on the casting of Matt Damon and a rather dodgy ponytail, here at loaded it’s one of his co-stars that has really caught our eye.

Her name is Jing Tian and while, at present, she’s best known for her work over in China, that looks set to change.

You might not know her just yet, but Jing Tian is fast becoming one of the world’s biggest rising stars, and she’s definitely one of the main highlights of this particular film.

Jing is destined for big things, and loaded thought we’d round up the 7 things that make her one to watch in 2017:


Jing has taken to English language movies like a duck to water. She’s impressive in her role as fearsome army commander Shen Zhenzhu in The Great Wall, taking charge over thousands of soldiers stationed on the Great Wall of China.

The 28-year-old’s lines are equally split between Mandarin and English, and even though she’s new to the language, she manages to outperform Matt Damon, Willem Defoe and Pedro Pascal in the film.


She’s only just getting started too. Jing has lined up a role in blockbuster Kong: Skull Island later this year too. Jing will star alongside the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L Jackson, John Goodman and John C Reilly, and we bet she’ll give them all a run for their money.


…and she’s also set to appear in the hotly anticipated sequel to Pacific Rim in 2018. The combination of The Great Wall, Kong: Skull Island and Pacific Rim should help her become a major Hollywood player.


Not only is she a hugely talented actress, she’s also a trained dancer. Jing graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and Beijing Film Academy, and had performed competitive dance to a high level. She gets the chance to show off her skills in some of the more acrobatic battle sequences in The Great Wall.


She’s totally fluent in English, which is pretty incredible as she learn the language over the course of just a year while studying in the US. After taking on many roles in the Chinese film industry, her studying will stand her in great stead for any English-speaking roles she takes on in the future.

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She’s also no stranger to a high-end fashion shoot. Check out her Instagram page, and you’ll see cover shoots with Chinese Harper’s Bazaar amongst others, and she shows her star quality in all of them.


Jing has shown she can really kick ass on-screen. The actress took the lead in the high-octane Chinese move Special ID in 2013, and showed she can perform a wide range of challenging stunts and sequences. Jing also appeared alongside martial arts legend Jackie Chan in 2013’s New Police Story, so she’s learned from the best.

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