Jimmy Carr Reveals The One Subject Even He Would Never Joke About

What's the one joke that's too sick even for him?

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Comedy King Jimmy Carr just loves doing stand-up. Image Picture Netflix

Jimmy Carr has gained a reputation for telling some of the most offensive jokes in comedy, but even for him, there are subjects that he’d never dare laugh about.

The comedian has told jokes about 9/11, abortion and even the holocaust, but he’s now revealed the topic that he always steers clear of.

Carr has revealed that he would never write jokes about the Hillsborough tragedy, which claimed the lives of 96 fans during a 1989 FA Cup game.

Speaking on BBC Radio’s Desert Islands Discs, Carr said: “I would say the one thing you can never joke about in the UK is Hillsborough.

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“It’s a tragedy which has touched people in a very specific way and I cannot imagine anyone ever coming up with a joke about that.”

He added: “You can joke about religion and I do often. You can joke about death, you can joke about murders, and you can joke about disasters.”

Carr knows a thing or two about controversial jokes. He previously faced a huge backlash after cracking wise about 9/11 on Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe last year.

Even for him though, the Hillsborough tragedy is a topic deemed too controversial to ever feature in one of his routines. 

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