Jerry Seinfeld’s Bee Movie currently available to watch…on PornHub

Because CGI animated bees voice by comedians are dead sexy, right?

You cannot Bee serious You have to laugh

Porn is a very personal thing no individual should ever be judged on, however if you are one of the people who gets their kicks from watching Bee Movie then you should probably consider seeking psychiatric help.

Released back in late 2007, Jerry Seinfeld co-wrote and provided the voice of the main character in the animated film, which paid tribute to the impressive work of these hive dwelling insects.

A film firmly aimed at kids, with a few knowing jokes thrown in for the adults here and there, having watched Bee Movie all the way through on more than a few occasions Loaded can confirm there is little in the way of sexual content.

Unless you count an animated cameo from the tantric sex-loving Sting that is.

But that has not prevented some perv from putting the entire film – illegally, for that matter – on popular sex show streaming website PornHub.

Keep it Bee There's nothing sexy about the Seinfeld classic Image PornHub

Whoever this uploader is – he’s listed as ‘unknown’ on the site – they sure have some explaining to do with the first obvious question being: What is so sexy about a cartoon bee voiced by Seinfeld?

You also have to wonder what other animated films they watch to get their kicks – Toy Story? Monsters Inc? FROZEN? Something needs to be done.

One possible suspect could be Margaret, from Morningview, Kentucky who, according to the Daily Mail, stings herself with over 100 bees a week because “it makes sex great.”

Whatever you say, Margaret.

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