Jeremy Kyle plumbs new depths with “Who pooed in my fridge?” episode

Kyle was also at the centre of arguably his strangest lie detector test yet.

Jeremy Kyle on ITV.
Jeremy Kyle The host just got clobbered during a fight on set Image ITV

The Jeremy Kyle Show has never pretended to offer high-brow entertainment but even by JK’s pretty low standards, the episode “Who Pooed in my fridge? Lie detector results!” takes some beating.

It all started when three members of a traveller family, Theresa, Kathleen and Mary appeared on the show to discuss a bit of rogue defecation.

The story went that, for reasons still unclear, someone had decided to take a dump inside the fridge located in their aunt’s caravan. Even the sheer logistics of doing the deed baffled us.

They were invited to return to the show the following day to clear things up – not like that – and find out, once and for all, exactly who the phantom shitter was.

But the trio never returned, seemingly irked by some of the rather unsavoury names that had been thrown their way in the wake of their poo-related appearance on the ITV show.

They were eventually coaxed into returning though, setting the stage for arguably the strangest Jeremy Kyle lie detector test of all time as Jezza attempted to determine who was behind the poo and what their motives were for such a malicious bit of shittery.

Kyle used all his old tricks: shouting a bit, sitting down on the stage to show he was at “their level” and, when all else failed, er, insulting his guests by doing mocking impressions of them.

But while the entire debacle made for some pretty bizarre television, JK ultimately failed to get to the bottom – oh er! – of exactly whose bottom produced what was most likely a perfectly chilled poo.

Perhaps it’s better that way though. Could you look someone in the eye knowing they once did a dump in a fridge? No, us neither.

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