Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn Stars In World’s Most Awkward High-Five Attempt

By Jack Beresford

June 09, 2017

After a night of considerable gains for the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn can be forgiven for almost anything – including a contender for the world’s most awkward high-five attempt.

Labour has been projected to win a total of 267 seats, up 35 on 2015’s figures in a result few could have predicted a few weeks ago when the Conservatives were tipped to win a huge majority.

Then again, Corbyn is used to surprising people, including Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornbury.

Keen to celebrate a memorable night for Labour, the pair posed together for pictures before Corbyn took arguably his biggest gamble yet.

High fives are a tricky business at the best of times.

Pull it off and you look like an absolute dude, but miss the mark or find yourself left hanging and the embarrassment is palpable.

Yet, somehow, Corbyn found a way to make things a whole lot worse. Moving in for the high five, he failed to check whether his rad feelings were reciprocated by Thornbury.

They weren’t. So rather than slapping hands with his fellow politician, Corbyn ended up slapping something else…and it was a bit awkward all round.

TFW you risk it all for a high five and fall short — Big Cat (@BarstoolBigCat) June 9, 2017

Still, after a night in which Conservative leader and current Prime Minister Theresa May went to the polls in search of a huge majority and left it as the head of a minority government, something tells us Corbyn isn’t going to care one jot about this, er, boob.