Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour will drive through Game of Thrones sets

And on that bombshell...

The Grand Tour Game of Thrones
Emilia Clarke(son) The Grand Tour/Game of Thrones you never thought you'd see. Image Picture Amazon/HBO

It’s the TV crossover that precisely nobody was expecting, but it’s happening anyway.

Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour and Game of Thrones will merge when the ex-Top Gear host’s new show debuts on Amazon Prime later this year.

The Grand Tour producer Andy Wilman revealed to Digital Spy at the Edinburgh International Television Festival that one segment “will see Clarkson drive through the vast Game of Thrones set”.

Clarkson in his hypercar will stick out like a sore thumb in Westeros, of course, but maybe there’s a chance of seeing the likes of Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner getting behind the wheel to guest on The Grand Tour?

“We had meetings about can James May still say ‘cock’ or will the BBC sue?”

Or maybe Thrones’ female stars will give him a wide berth after seeing this Michelle Jenneke clip

Wilman also said rumours of a £4.5 million per episode budget were “bollocks”, and admitted that he hadn’t bothered to watch the rebooted series of Top Gear since departing with Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

“I would not wish them one second of ill,” he said of Matt Le Blanc and co.

Discussing the fall-out over Clarkson’s fight with producer Oisin Tymon, Wilman added: “It became a battle. Everything became personal. Some management didn’t have the will to mend it.

“It was sad, we were to blame too, we were entrenched. I threw my toys out of the pram and I was vicious in my reaction to everything.”

The parting of ways has had a major effect on what the former Top Gear crew are allowed to do on The Grand Tour – right down to minute detail.

“We had meetings about can James May still say ‘cock’ or will the BBC sue?” Wilman quipped.

And on that bombshell…

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