An arresting sight: Jennifer Lopez swaps cop uniform for swimming costume

The singer and actress gives away the secrets to her phenomenal shape.

Jennifer Lopez
Ageless 46-year-old Lopez is looking better than ever. Image US Weekly

Jennifer Lopez has recently been playing cop Harlee Santos in US drama Shades Of Blue, but J-Lo has posed for a new shoot showing off the assets she’s best known for.

46-year-old Lopez, who never seems to age, posed in the cut-out swimsuit for US Weekly, fronting their Best Bodies issue.

The fitness fanatic revealed her healthy diet holds the answer to her phenomenal shape. And staying in shape is something Lopez takes very seriously.

“Staying in shape is like being in training,” she said. “It’s like being an athlete. You have to eat for power and for what you need.”

On set
On set Jennifer tones it down for her role in Shades of Blue.

Unsurprisingly, she steers clear of fried or fast food and doesn’t buy into any strange fads. “Yeah, I like to eat clean. There’s nothing crazy that I do or eat, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Lopez has a team of personal trainers that keep her fit, and has used her acting roles over the years to help master some new skills.

 “When you learn how to do something real well, like for me being taught how to box for the 90s movie Money Train, you never forget it,” she said.

“I also learned the martial art krav maga for the movie, Enough. I’ve always been athletic in that way.”

Lopez is mother to eight-year-old twins Max and Emme, adding she dreads the thought of them growing up.

“I don’t think any parent looks forward to it,” she said.

“It’s funny. I think of myself as somebody who is open and understanding of human beings.

“But it’s a very difficult thing when it’s your child. Like, who they are going to choose as partners? Will I like them? Will they be good enough and treat them the right way?

“Did I teach them to be good to their girlfriend/boyfriend? For me, it’s a lot to think about. But no, I certainly don’t look forward to it.”

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