Jennifer Lopez stuns with internet-breaking Instagram seflie

Jenny from the Block is as stunning as ever.

Jennifer Lopez at the Tony Awards 2015
Jenny from the Block Jennifer Lopez stuns on the red carpet. Image Mike Coppola/Getty

Jennifer Lopez has already managed to relaunch her music career and lead her own hit TV series, Shades of Blue, in 2016 – now she’s mastered the art of the internet-breaking Instagram selfie.

The singer-film-star-talent-show-judge uploaded a daring, cleavage-exposing shot that worked her 52 million-strong fanbase into a frenzy.

“The coolest and most beautiful woman!! I admire you so much!!” wrote liekcandy.

“So hot lady,” wrote rickyalbert3828, while josette2016romeo seemingly didn’t get the memo and posted: “Funding Opportunity Hello, if you are looking for a loan of money. it’s the time for you to make contact with me.”

A picture taken by Jennifer Lopez on Instagram.
Good night Jennifer Lopez says sleep tight on Instagram Image Jennifer Lopez Instagram

As a ‘sleep tight’ message to social media – “Ok good night…” JLo wrote – this hit the nail right on the head.

When JLo awakens from her slumber, she’ll be hard at work preparing to play notorious Colombian druglord Griselda Blanco in a movie for HBO.

Blanco, known as “The Cocaine Godmother” and the “Queen of Narco-Trafficking”, became the most powerful female cartel member in the 70s and 80s and would shift 300 kilos of coke per month at the height of her power.

A female Scarface with Jennifer Lopez in the lead role? Count loaded in.

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