Jennifer Lawrence’s Incredible New York Apartment Is Up For Rent

The Hunger Games condo comes with some pretty enticing perks too.

Jennifer Lawrence is bacl.Image Getty

Jennifer Lawrence’s swish New York apartment is up for rent and comes complete with some pretty enticing perks for anyone with money to burn.

J-Law is currently filming her latest movie, Red Sparrow, in London and is letting out her lush-looking Tribeca-based condo for rent while she is away.

It’s obviously an absolutely stunning living space, measuring some 3,184-square foot and boasting three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a 35-foot-long living and dining area.

That’s only the beginning though. There’s an eye-catching glass-fronted fridge freezer, a walk-in shower and sauna and just about every other mod con you can think of.

Jennifer Lawrence's bathroom.
The bathroom Image David Paler Photography

But it goes on.

The building Lawrence’s condo sits inside has been designed with the wealthy and sophisticated in mind, meaning a whole host of additional amenities for those living there.

Jennifer Lawrence's kitchen
The kitchen Image courtesy of David Paler Photography Image David Paler Photography

These include a 70-foot-long indoor swimming pool, a 5,000-square foot roof terrace and a built-in fitness centre.

It all adds up to exactly the sort of apartment you would imagine is home to the rich and famous of the world. Mainly because it is.

Jennifer Lawrence's living room
The living space Image courtesy of David Paler Photography Image David Paler Photography

In fact, anyone willing to fork out for this particular living space can look forward to regularly seeing a whole host of A-list star neighbours.

Harry Styles, Justin Timberlake, Blake Lively and, of course, Ryan Reynolds all live in the same building and could make for memorable party guests in the event of any house/flat warming.

Anyway, living in Lawrence’s former abode doesn’t come cheap with the apartment available for rent at $27,500 a month or just over £21,000 a month in English money.

If you happen to have that sort of cash lying around, then by all means, give them a call. The rest of us mere mortals, however, will just have to dream.

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