Jennifer Lawrence Shocks Fans With Controversial New Movie Poster

Fans have been treated to a very different incarnation of the Oscar-winner.

Jennifer Lawrence Passengers bikini scene
Out of this world Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers. Image Sony Pictures

Jennifer Lawrence fans were given quite the shock when the first poster for her new film, mother!, made its way online.

The new movie, directed by Darren Aronofsky, stars the 26-year-old alongside Javier Bardem, Kristin Wiig and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Described as a psychological horror thriller, the film centres on an unsuspecting couple, whose relationship is put to the ultimate test when uninvited guests arrive in their home, disrupting their seemingly tranquil existence in the process.

Coming from the visionary director behind Black Swan, mother! was always likely to be an unusual and potentially disturbing cinematic prospect.

Jennifer Lawrence in mother!
Bloody hell Jennifer Lawrence in mother! Image Paramount

Even so, the first poster, featuring Lawrence in a Holy-like pose, holding her own bleeding heart, fresh from just being pulled from her own bloody chest, is extreme.

It’s not just this intense tableau of gore that has got fans all befuddled either – just take a look at the glazed-over, vacant expression on Lawrence’s face!

A close-up of Jennifer Lawrence.
That expression Something is amiss... Image Paramount

A strong contender for the most extreme film poster of recent times, this particular promo has already served its purpose to some extent, generating a nice level of buzz for Aronofsky’s upcoming film.

Also starring Ed Harris and Domhnall Gleeson, mother! is slated for release on October 13, 2017 in the US.

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