Exclusive: ‘Jennifer Aniston’ fan’s girl crush takes hold in music video

Watch the cheeky Jen-centric music video from Cold Beer & Broads on us.

Jennifer Aniston music video
Watching Friends *again* Ross and Rachel were definitely on a break. Image Picture Cold Beer & Broads

There are Jennifer Aniston obsessions… then there are ‘Jennifer Aniston obsessions’.

The latter takes centre stage in a quirky and ever-so-slightly eccentric music video for Cold Beer & Broads‘ new song.

Titled Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Married?), it stars model and stand-up Chelsea Skidmore as a woman with an unhealthy interest in the Friends star.

Photos of the actress are plastered across her apartment, while lunch dates and lazy days in the park are accompanied by a giant photo of Aniston. Crazier still, date night with her boyfriend involves the pair both donning Aniston masks to get in the mood… and their pet dog seemingly doing similar.

“No actual Jennifer Aniston is depicted in (or was harmed in the making of) this video.”

But, there is a twist in the tale. Despite the song’s title, lyrics that refer to Jennifer Aniston and the photos in the music video, the woman at the centre of it all isn’t who you’d think.

This ‘Jennifer Aniston’ is in fact spot-on lookalike Renne Elaine Wiggins. Wiggins is a mum of two, but now makes a living as an Aniston impersonator.

“When Friends first aired, I had short dark hair, but people started telling me, ‘You look like the girl from this new show,'” Wiggins told People.

“No actual Jennifer Aniston is depicted in (or was harmed in the making of) this video,” reads the message at the end of the promo.

Jennifer Aniston (Why Are You Married?) is taken from Cold Beer & Broads’ upcoming EP Six Pack.

The New York band have previously released singles including First Amendment Blues (The FU Song) and Summer Girl.

As for the real Jennifer Aniston, she’ll be appearing in a hat trick of new movies this year: Mother’s Day, Mean Mums and The Yellow Bird. Hopefully one of them will be as good as Horrible Bosses or Office Space.

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