Jennifer Aniston Reveals She Has Had Sex In The Cockpit Of A Plane

She put the cock in…well, you know know where we are going with this one.

Jennifer Aniston of Friends and Hollywood fame.Image Getty

When Jennifer Aniston joins the Mile High Club, she does it a little differently than most.

The Friends star spoke about her mid-air romping habits during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Quizzed by the host with a round of “Never Have I Ever”, Aniston was immediately asked whether she had joined the Mile High Club.

With a choice of two placards to choose from, few were surprised to see the one bearing the words “I Have” held aloft.

Few could have predicted what would follow though, with quiz master DeGeneres evidently smelling blood.

Asked by Ellen whether she had “done it” in the cockpit, Aniston hesitated for a second before confirming that, yes, she had.

Suddenly viewers started to get the suspicion DeGeneres had some serious dirt on the sitcom legend.

Who did she have sex with in the cockpit then? The pilot? Apparently so.

The co-pilot? Err, them too apparently, though probably not on the same flight.

The flight attendant? Hang on, Jen, what? The flight attendant? Seriously.

Aniston did at least raise the “I have not” paddle for one question – she’s never consumed a small bag of peanuts while engaging in Mile High Club activity.

So at least there is that.

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