Jason Bourne leads the way in busy week of FIVE blockbuster trailers

A first glimpse at the new Jason Bourne is only the start of the excitement

Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne
Bourne again Matt Damon is back and that is only the start of it...

The internet may be awash with talk about the new trailer for the upcoming Jason Bourne, but the Matt Damon thriller is only the start of the sun.

April 18 was the day that could yet define a busy summer of blockbuster movies – it kickstarted a week of incredible trailer action.

And if you’re excited about the return of Bourne – and Damon after the frankly diabolical spin-off effort involving Jeremy Renner – then you’re going to love these.



Duncan Jones’ big screen adaptation of the computer game favourite keeps getting bigger and more bonkers with every new trailer we see. This latest addition was no different. 

Girl On A Train

Emily Blunt does her best Gone Girl impression with this movie version of the popular paperback thriller. Ably supported by Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux and Lisa Kudrow, it looks interesting, to say the least.


The Infiltrator

Evidently keen to make amends for all that fictional meth dealing he did as Walter White, Bryan Cranston looks to be continuing his pursuit of an Oscar with this fine turn as a real-life FBI agent in pursuit of one of the world’s biggest narcotics distributors. Sounds suitably moreish.


The Magnificent Seven

The remake of a film that was, in fairness, already a remake itself. this version of the Magnificent Seven brings together heavyweights like Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington and,er, Ethan Hawke.

With Antoine Fuqua directing though, it looks like being a solid Western and blockbuster to boot. Great to see Vincent D’Onofrio is involved too following his memorable stint on Daredevil.


Jason Bourne

The man the launched a thousand Liam Neeson revenge thrillers has returned to breathe new life into the genre of men engaging in fast paced hand-to-hand combat.

With Paul Greengrass also back at the helm as director, this look at what we can expect from Bourne four – or is it five? No, it’s four – promises to be quite the ride.

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