Jamie Laing: ‘I’d like to be the UK’s Jimmy Fallon’

The Made In Chelsea star and McVitie's heir has big aspirations.

Jamie Laing
Aspirations Jamie is keen to prove he's more than just the heir to a biscuit empire. Image Photo by Neil P. Mockford/Getty Images

He’s spent years ruffling feathers and wooing women with his posho mates in Made In Chelsea, but Jamie Laing says it’s all been with one aim in mind – to have his own chatshow.

The reality star, who can be seen on Comedy Central’s Drunk History tonight, certainly isn’t short of confidence. And he says his goal is becoming Britain’s answer to US host Jimmy Fallon.

“My own chatshow has always been the aim, that’s what this whole thing has been about,” Jamie says of his reality TV career.

“I’d love something where I interview up and coming talent. I already do In Bed With Jamie on Channel 4 where I interview people and that’s amazing. But I would like to be the next Jimmy Fallon.

“I’ve been chipping away and I think that’s what you have to do in this industry. Hopefully, I’ll get there.”

Hopes Jamie admires Jimmy.

As well as playing, well, himself in Made In Chelsea, Jamie also showed great comedy skills as an assistant to Tom Davis’ incompetent cop on BBC3’s improvised sitcom Murder In Successville.

And he admits that, when he signed up for Drunk History, he hought he was going to be able to get hammered. But the 27-year-old soon found out he’d have to be acting and that there would be no booze involved.

“The comedian narrating our story of The Great Escape is drunk, but I thought I was going to be too,” laughs Jamie, who is heir to the McVities biscuit fortune. “Turns out that wasn’t the case and I got on with playing the part.”

Jamie Laing
Far from Chelsea Jamie in the Great Escape. Image Comedy Central

Surely after so many series of the “reality” show Made In Chelsea, acting is like water off a duck’s back to him?

“Well, sort of, yes” Jamie laughs, “But I doubt I’ll be getting into the Oscars or anything like that.

“Drunk History has had some amazing people including Jack Whitehall, Michelle Keegan and Olivia Colman involved in other episodes and I got some great experience too. It was such fun.”

Jamie stars in Drunk History: The Great Escape on Comedy Central tonight (Wednesday) at 10pm.

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