Jamie Foxx’s Incredible Urban Tank Is A Thing Of Automotive Beauty

The Rezvani Tank Tactical Urban Vehicle boasts some stunning features- but isn't cheap.

When it comes to driving, Jamie Foxx knows how to travel in style as his latest car purchase, essentially an urban tank, demonstrates.

The Baby Driver actor took to Instagram to show-off his latest automotive addition – a Rezvani Tank Tactical Urban Vehicle – and it’s like something out of Batman.

Boasting a built-in thermal night vision system and ballistic armour protection as standard, the basic version of this massive off-read vehicle will set you back around £133,700 ($190,000).

The Tactical Urban Vehicle also boasts a standard 6.4 litre 500-Horsepower V8 engine as well as an on demand 4 x 4 setting.

Something tells us Foxx’s model includes a few of the additional extra options offered on the Rezvani website.

Options like glass and all opaque armour, reinforced suspension, ram bumpers, military runflat tire, electrified door handles and a Siren PA system with Horn Options

That’s only the half of it though, with blinding lights, an intercom system, gas masks, first aid kits and a hypothermia kit are all available as additional extras. Just in case.

Those kinds of extras will set you back a pretty penny too though – close to $97,000 in fact. But Foxx can afford it and deserves it too. That guy can act. 

Heck, he could buy 10 of these cars if he wanted to. He’s Jamie Foxx and if he wants to ride around in a giant tank, he can. What a man and what a car.

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