Jamie Carragher And Richard Keys Go To War On Twitter Over Arsenal

The Liverpool star’s parting shot was brutal to say the least...

Sky Sports presenters old and new Richard Keys and Jamie Carragher.Image getty

Sky Sports fans were treated to a tasty argument between presenters old and new after Richard Keys decided to call out Jamie Carragher over a series of tweets.

The argument all stemmed from a series of comments made by Carragher on Monday Night Football, a show Keys used to present before a bit of sexist “banter” saw him resign from his post.

Carragher was speaking about Arsenal, everyone’s favourite topic in the world of football at the moment, labelling Arsene Wenger’s team “cowards” in the wake of a 3-0 defeat to Crystal Palace.

Keys – already well on his way to becoming the living embodiment of Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge – was having none of it though.

The presenter, now working for BeIn Sports, a channel familiar to anyone who has ever illegally streamed Premier League football, kicked things off with the following:

Carragher was having none of it though, firing back:

A thinly-veiled dig at Keys role of the not-so-real MNF over at BeInSports? Well, it’s that or Carra is make a very outdated Eminem reference.

Either way, Keys carried on undeterred with a forceful line of questioning that would have made Jeremy Paxman proud:

Keys certainly had a point, given Liverpool’s long wait for a Premier League title of their own, but it was Carragher who had the final word. Twice.

First, there was the measured, dignified response:

Then there was the petty, childish one:

Though loaded hates to say it, we probably prefer the latter.

Keys departed Sky back in early 2011, after he was recorded making a series of derogatory off-air comments alongside Andy Gray about assistant referee Sian Massey, and women’s refereeing as a whole.

Fortunately, he’s still providing plenty of entertainment on Twitter. Often at his own expense.

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