Jamie Carragher looks back on the tackle that made Nani cry

The Liverpool legend discussed the controversial challenge with Gary Neville.

Jamie Carragher playing for Liverpool.
Jamie Carragher A heated encounter between Liverpool and Manchester United Image Getty

Jamie Carragher has offered a fresh perspective on the tackle that left Manchester United winger Nani in tears during a heated encounter with Liverpool.

The defender was never one for shying away from a challenge, however the one he unleashed on the Portuguese back in March 2011 may rank among his heftier.

Coming just before half-time, the tackle saw Carragher lunge in on Nani, with his studs catching the winger directly on the shin.

What many may not have realised, until now, was that it was a tackle that left the attacker blubbing like a baby.

Speaking during a special segment filmed for Sky Sports, Carragher and fellow pundit Gary Neville poured over the footage of the challenge and the immediate fallout from it.

“I tell you what my best memory of that is… Wayne Rooney’s reaction,” Carragher laughs.

“I was on favourable terms with the referee Phil Dowd. I got him on my own, pulled him and said ‘he just beat me with skills’. Everyone is fighting and I got him over like an experienced pro. Then Rooney comes over and says ‘you won’t believe it, he’s crying’.”

Despite the harsh nature of the challenge, which ultimately resulted in Nani being subbed off with a  gash to the leg, Carragher insisted there was no malice.

“I’ve got there and the ball did jump up at me, I went for it and it just disappeared so I caught him on the shin,” the Liverpool Champions League winner explains.

Here’s some footage of the foul in question and Nani’s over-the-top reaction:

It is also worth remembering that Carragher attempted to apologise to the Portuguese in the aftermath of the game, which Liverpool won 3-1.

Nani was having none of it though.

“If you ask anyone in football, anyone who has suffered a tackle like that, they are not going to accept an apology, especially as it was the second year running he took me out,” he told The Guardian at the time.

Nani was referring to an incident during a game between the clubs in October 2009, when another tasty challenge from Carragher saw the winger sidelined for a couple of months.

Now playing in Spain with Valencia, there is no love lost between the pair.

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