Jamie Carragher dismisses notion of Alan Shearer getting the top job and calls current England crop ‘babies’

He didn't hold back

Wayne Rooney and Roy Hodgson at an England press conference.Image Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Jamie Carragher has blasted the current crop of England players as babies in a damning appraisal of their performance in France. 

He said: “I call them the Academy Generation because they have come through in an era when footballers have never had more time being coached. At this point I want to make it clear I am not pointing the finger at academy coaches, as others will do.

But they get ferried to football schools, they work on immaculate pitches, play in pristine training gear every day and everything is done to ensure all they have to do is focus on football. We think we are making them men but actually we are creating babies.”

The fallout is continuing after England exited Euro 2016 on Monday night with a limp to Iceland. 

Roy Hodgson has resigned alongside his staff, Ray Lewington and his trusted sidekick Gary Neville, and the search has begun for a new manager with many from across the land expressing an interest including BBC pundit Alan Shearer who wasted no time in telling the public after the defeat on Monday that he wanted the job. 

If Shearer was hoping for backing from some of his old international team mates then he should think again as influential Sky pundit, Jamie Carragher, has taken his Daily Mail column this morning to express his belief that England have a lot of work to do but also that Shearer isn’t the man. 

Carragher believes Shearer wants the job because he loves the country rather then because having a plan to do something with the team. 

Carragher explained: “Shearer’s patriotism is admirable but there is more to being a successful manager than just patriotism and emotion. Shearer, after all, will remember how, after acting on emotion when Newcastle called him in 2009, he failed to stop the club he has supported all his life being relegated.”

Carragher didn’t hold back on England’s failing stars either. The former Liverpool star blasted the mentality of the players and their failure to grasp responsibility.

 He blasted: “The problem now is they have been hearing it for too long. It’s always someone else’s fault when they don’t produce — the coach picked the wrong team, someone played the wrong pass — so when I heard suggestions the senior players were unhappy with Hodgson’s training, I was incensed.

Why won’t they take responsibility? They live lives now with personal assistants, player liaison officers, nannies and agents organising every little detail for them. Some wouldn’t even know how to book a holiday or an appointment at the dentist for themselves.”


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