James McEvoy Has Got Ridiculously Beefed Up For His Latest Role

Fans are losing their collective sh*t over the Scottish actor’s body transformation.

James McAvoy's body transformation.
Before and after. Just a glimpse of the change McAvoy has undergone. Image Getty

Body transformations are fast becoming the norm in Hollywood, with actors undertaking incredible fitness regimens in an attempt to go from flab to fab in just a few short months.

Loaded has already covered David Harbour’s sensational switch from dad bod to demigod and the exhausting work Jason Momoa undertakes to look like a real-life Aquaman and now it appears James McEvoy has got in on the act.

McEvoy has never been known for carrying much in the way of extra weight but he’s always been more Judi Dench than hench. That looks to have changed though after fans spotted the actor’s sensational body transformation – a transformation that has them losing their collective nuts.

Once the waif-like love interest in 2007’s Atonement, McAvoy has bulked up for the role of Kevin Wendell Crumb, aka The Horde, in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass.

James McAvoy has gone From Oat Cake to Beef Cake.

The third move in a trilogy that includes Unbreakable and Split, McAvoy is reprising his role from the latter of those two films and a character with 24 personalities, one of which happens to be a chap by the name of “The Beast”.

It’s a personality that requires him to get about as beefed up as possible and one that’s required hours and hours of work in the gym.

McAvoy recently uploaded a video of himself to Instagram, alongside a caption chronicling his efforts:

“Working on Glass, I had to put on some weight, some serious muscle. We figured that on my legs that would be really important. That’s why we hit this little baby. It’s one of my favourite leg exercises.”

He definitely didn’t skip leg day, or arm day, or chest day, or even neck day, which must have been an interesting day. Should probably stop saying day now.

In any case, fans on Twitter have taken note, making McEvoy something of a heartthrob, despite the fact, you know, he’s got in this shape to play a cannibalistic murderer.

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