James Cameron Has Thrown Some Serious Shade On The Alien Movies

It turns out the Titanic and Avatar filmmaker thinks very little of the sequels that have followed.

Alien Xenomorph
The classic Xeno If you thought the aliens were bad Image Picture 20th Century Fox

James Cameron, the filmmaker who previously endorsed such cinematic tosh as Terminator Genisys, has cast some serious shade on the Alien movie franchise.

Fans were left stunned after Cameron, the writer and director of Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, endorsed Genisys – a reboot subsequently panned by critics and audiences alike.

“I feel like the franchise has been reinvigorated, like this is a renaissance,” Cameron declared to Yahoo in an interview republished by CinemaBlend in the run-up to the movie’s release. 

But despite giving his backing to a movie with a 25% rating on rotten tomatoes, it would appear that the Titanic director has far less time for the Alien movies that followed on from his own 1986 effort Aliens. 

Avatar director James Cameron at a screening for Terminator


Speaking in an interview with Vulture, Cameron poured scorn on the fun-but-flawed Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Prometheus and possibly the two Aliens vs Predator movies, though he’s bang on the money with that final pairing.

At the same time, Cameron was careful to praise the work of original Alien director Ridley Scott and, er, himself.

“The franchise has kind of wandered all over the map,” he said. “Ridley [Scott] did the first film, and he inspired an entire generation of filmmakers and science-fiction fans with that one movie and there have been so many films that stylistically have derived from it, including my own Aliens, which was the legitimate sequel and, I think, the proper heir to his film,” Cameron said. 

The 1986 classic Aliens.
Image 20th Century Fox

“I sort of did it as a fanboy. I wanted to honour his film, but also say what I needed to say. After that, I don’t take any responsibility. I don’t think it’s worked out terribly well. I think we’ve moved on beyond it.”

Cameron is no stranger to controversial opinions – he was one of the few who thought Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was better than The Force Awakens.

But while Cameron may have “moved on beyond” Aliens it appears that fans have not seen the last from the Xenomorph movie universe just yet.

Alien: Covenant is due out later this year and already promising a return to the same kind of marine-based badassery that made Cameron’s movie so popular.

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