Jackass Star Steve-O Suffers Serious Burns In Most Insane Stunt Yet

The 42-year-old was left with major burns as a result of the stunt.

Steve-O and the Jackass gang
Appetite for destruction Steve-O and the Jackass gang. Image Picture Paramount

Jackass alumni Steve-O suffered serious burns after starring in arguably his dumbest and most dangerous stunt to date.

The 42-year-old YouTube star and prank legend required surgery after suffering major burns in the wake of a stunt that saw whim pour rocket fuel on his body for an upcoming comedy special.

Unbelievably, Steve-O went several days before consulting a doctor over the burns, even performing an entire show in bandages during that period.

It was only when he visited a hospital to get numbing cream that he was informed his injuries required closer attention.

The Jackass icon took to Instagram to detail the issues, alongside a snap of himself with both arms in casts.

“The pain only increased for the five days since I got burned, so I went to the hospital asking for a numbing burn cream,” he wrote alongside the image.

“When they saw my burns they said I needed surgery, so that just happened.” 

Steve-O was left covered in boils and burns after attempting a stunt that has been dubbed “fire angels”.

Though details on what was involved remain top secret, it’s thought that the trick involved pouring rocket fuel on the floor, lighting it and when creating an effect similar to the one that sees people make “snow angels” in the cold weather.

Of course, where as that one results in a rather chilly backside, the left Steve-O with the kinds of burns and boils often seen in horror movies.

It’s also a stunt that could have easily killed him, let alone left him scarred. Still, he did get a cool E.T. finger out of it…

The comedy special, which is being directed by Jackass filmmaker Jeff Tremaine, is out later this year.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a stunt has gone seriously wrong for Steve-o. Last year, another outlandish effort saw the prankster suffer two broken legs

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