Jack Wilshire: ‘Wales don’t like us, and we don’t like them’

Jackie boy starts stirring up trouble.

Jack Wilshire in action for England
Middle man Jack Wilshire in action for England. Image Picture Stu Forster/Getty

England don’t take on Wales until Thursday, but Jack Wilshire has already jumped headfirst into the pre-match mind games.

It all basically comes down to Wales not liking England and the feeling being mutual for the Three Lions squad. Gareth Bale had earlier accused England of lacking passion and “bigging themselves up” before they’d achieved anything.

Speaking from England’s tournament base in Chantilly, Wilshire fired shots back saying: “We know that Wales don’t like us.”

“We know that Wales don’t like us.”

When asked if he had a fondness for Wales, Wilshire replied: “Not really. I’ve never questioned the passion of one of my team-mates.

“I’ve never been on the pitch and thought, ‘This guy isn’t worried about this’. We all care. We all know what it means to people back home.

“Especially now, because we are a young squad – it was only a few years ago when people like Dele and Raheem were 14, 15 watching this.

“So we all know what it means, and we will be ready when Thursday comes.”

Wilshire admitted that he hasn’t spoken to Arsenal teammate and Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey since leaving for the Euros.

“There’s been no texts, not since I was last at the club,” he said. “I think we have both been busy. He has been getting ready, I have been getting ready. It is going to be a big game.”

England v Wales will kick off at 2pm on Thursday, June 16 and will be shown live on BBC One.

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